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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Weekly Randoms

Weekly Randoms

Brought my younger sis n bro out for sunday dinner!

Decided on astons at sembawang shopping centre
Bro order the HUGE Ieat burger... SHIOK!

me n sis went for steak instead

Decided to cook some tomyum for e family! =p

 I bought the outback steakhouse groupon!
Went there with sis to try the bbq pork ribs!

late night supper w sis at xing wang. =p

Lunch with patricia at Raffles place TCC on a weekday noon!
Not wrking on a wkday feels SHIOK!

Hows ur week? 

Mine is filled with love and of cos, food. =p
Jessicaxes Lee

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Monday, May 14, 2012
Bali day 3

Last day in Bali!

Chinese dinner at a resturant near e hotel

Prada supermarket? hahaha

head to e beach as weather is looking good!
lots of surfing at e beach area! u gotta try surfing in bali!
i didnt try cos i cant swim. hahaha

beer stand

Man climb e tree n pluck coconut straight off n sell it to us. WAHT?!?

miss bali ald! 
This grp of indo came running to us to take pics. hahaha

chilling under e classic beach umbrella!

Dinner at seafood resturant with liveband playing!

Last tour of bali b4 heading to airport!

avacado n mee bakso at e airport!

had an awesome time in bali!

cant wait for my europe trip in august! 
6 countries, 3 weeks!
Counting down!

Jessicaxes Lee
Sunday, May 13, 2012

And so we booked an UBUD day tour with MBA tours at about $45USD per pax.
its slightly ex as u can actually get a cab to take u there at $40SGD.

but i personally feel tt its worth it cos the cab driver brought us to so many places!
8places in total! =))

Ubud is deep inside of bali. its e more cultural place ande only way to go there is by taxi / car.

the person from MBA travel came to the hotel to fetch us!

First stop in UBUD is the Batik cultural center,
where we were shown is traditional batik done.
Complicated process, no wonder so expensive!

Lots and Lots of this kinda statues along e road! 

Second stop : Making sliver area

Such a beautiful place. 
tourguide told us tt colour of all e walls r natural


3 stop : Largest painting gallery in UBUD

tour guide brought us to lunch at e rice padi field area.
its so romantic and beautiful! 
this is e best lunch i had in bali! =))

starter : Chicken Soup

the famous crispy duck !

leaving the resturant

went to our 5 stop : the famous UBUD market! 
they sell lots of things, slippers to satues to dresses.
MAKE sure u bargain! =p

lots of decos along the way

tour guide bought us to another rice terrace area 

its super huge and beautiful!!the scene is to die for! 

went to e 7th stop : coffee plantation!

tis animal, a kind of cat, eats only e best beans and defecate it out 

 cofee tasting time!
Lots of coffee, from ginseng coffee to vanilla coffee to all sorts!

 head to our 8th stop : the kecek dance!
very unique traditional balinese dance tt keeps chanting cecak non stop thruout the dance!

i had such a wonderful time at ubud! its so different from the normal kuta and semiyak beach!

be sure to visit ubud when u are in bali the next time! =)

Jessicaxes Lee
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